WRSU in the 1990s
WRSU - FM : WRSU AM was gone before most the 90s staff were born.
Media was changing. The Internet was just appearing. Browsing was coming, and over the air radio was changing as media. Along with interest in Over The Air Radio.
  If you have anything want to have add to this site, pictures, orrecordings, please email at wrsu@wrsufm.com

Here is a collection of pictures, mostly from the Scarlet Letter, the Targum, the black file cabinet in tech.
The Scarlet Letters were in the Rutgers University Special Collections in Alexander Library. I would like to thank the staff at Special Collections for their invalueable assistance.

Click on the year, and then select images or sounds.

Reel to Reel Tape and Mini disks was the recording method.

Computer recording appeared in the late 90s. But was rare, and took large amounts of valueable disk space.
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