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WRSU Memories
Welcome to Memories of WRSU Rutgers Radio.
If you ever worked there, these are your times.For all current staffers, Enjoy your time there.
It will end before you know it.
And it will never come again.
  All these people use to make the station run once upon a time. It is kind of amazing how many people took care of the station over the decades, and allowed it to be passed to the next generation. Radio has changed a lot since the station went on the air in 1948. Back then AM radio was king, FM was just beginning. TV was Black and White just coming on the air. And the internet was not even a dream. And as the years pass, we have seen over the air radio change. WRSU will continue to morph into something else as time goes by. Could Charles Brookwell and his crew ever believe what communications are today. And we cannot see the future either. How long will 'broadcasting' (one to many) be relevant? There will always be entertainment. What will change is how it will be distributed. Hopefully what ever WRSU becomes, Rutgers students will be there to inform and entertain, and learn something.
As time goes on, more will added. If you have anything to be added, contact via wrsu@wrsufm.com

The site sorted by decade, and then by information category type. Often, the year for the image or sounds are simply a guess. Based on the background, or staffer. Many of the images have no name with the pictures, and a lot of 'unknown'. If you know who these people are, a correction will be made.
This site has no official connection to WRSU. It is a 'fan' site, made by a former long time member.
WRSU was a lot of fun, and a great learning experience. I hope this bring back some fond memories. Enjoy.

March 2022 - A received an entire box of old magnetic tapes. Some interesting stuff. And Still looking for more.

September 2021 - Spent many hours converting from VHS tape, Cassettes, and Really Old reel to reel Tape. Some of the recordings were a mess.
Often, something was recorded on the fly. And where was a reel to reel with tape in it. News Pro. So many of the tapes were on news pro tape... What does that mean? If you remember, until digital came a long, the only way to edit something was with razor blades, and splicing tape. So after 40 to 50 years, the splices gave out. So every 3 or 5 seconds, the splice failed. So some 5 minute pieces of audio took maybe two hours to transfer.
And then there was the 'cheap' tape. Remember, this was WRSU, and any free tape was good tape. Found several reels of audio on cheap tape, which all the lubricant is gone. So it squealed, and squealed. Even lubricating the tape, by hand, as it went to the tape machine, it still made annoying noise. This is best I could do. So several recording still squeal. It is better than not existing.

April 2021 - Been working on collecting audio from various sources. This will be posted as soon as a majority has been properly cleaned and edited. During research, there has been many non-WRSU stories, pictures and sounds found. Because of this, you will find items not strictly related to WRSU, but interest to Rutgers in general. RU has a very long and mostly forgotten history. As pieces of interest are found they may show up here. Rutgers is more than WRSU. Hard to believe....
July 2020 This was a major update, which added several thousand new images, which brings the total to over 10,000 images. Some are just the paper work which makes the station run.

The Station is very poor at keeping records, and the few that were saved, have been thrown out.
Most have names which mostly been lost.
And unless someone comes up with a treasure trove of pictures and papers, this most likely be the last major update. If any one has some pictures, please send them along. Almost anything will be included. It just takes time to update the pages.
Next step is to digitize some old reel to reel tape, and some cassettes. A slow and time consuming process
The site is mostly a collection of information and pictures/news paper articles. And some sounds. These are actually the hardest to find.
These images came from the following:
Rutgers University - Special Collections - Alexander Library
Steven Greene '79
Charles Brookwell '49
Daniel Schleck '78
and WRSU Alumni from all over.

Now it is time to do a legal ID:  WRSU....
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