WRSU in the 1980s
WRSU-FM is continuing to grow and change. To the staff, WRSU was always WRSU-FM.
The history of WRSU-AM is all but forgotten. The format of the station continues. The News department grows and shrinks. The games continue to be covered. Coverage to other sports increases.
WRSU is changing, and staying the same. Another great decade at WRSU.
  If you have anything want to have add to this site, pictures, orrecordings, please email at  wrsu@wrsufm.com

Here is a collection of pictures, mostly fromthe Scarlet Letter, the Targum, the black file cabinet in tech.
The Scarlet Letters were in the Rutgers University Special Collections in Alexander Library. I would like to thank the staff at Special Collections for their invaluable assistance.

Click on the year, and then select images or sounds.
The sounds are little more rare.  WRSU moves to more modern Stereo Carts. Reel to Reel continue to be a big format. The Merlin phone system was installed.
Most things are saved accidently. A cart thrown in some box. A roll of tape placed in tech in some cabinet. The analog age was difficult to work with, but that all there was. But more was saved by accident. With the digital age, it was so much easier and cheaper, but things needed to be specifically saved, which usually did not happen.
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