WRSU in the 1970s
WRSU started in 1970 at 680 AM. The FM license process was moving along. In 1973, the FM transmitter went in. In January 1974, WRSU-FM came on line. Every thing was new. Everything was different. The rules had changed. FM was non-commercial. A 'real' radio station. Everyone needed at least 3rd Class Broadcast Endorsed license from the FCC.
Listener ship went up. Not just Rutgers campus in the dorms. Over 500 square miles. WRSU was growing. It was a wonderful time at WRSU.
WRSU was a real radio station, with all the pluses and minuses of a full power station.
  Radio was brand new again. A new studio. New rules.

If you have anything want to have add to this site, pictures, or recordings, please email at  wrsu@wrsufm.com
Here is a collection of pictures, mostly fromthe Scarlet Letter, the Targum, the black file cabinet in tech.
The Scarlet Letters were in the Rutgers University Special Collections in Alexander Library. I would like to thank the staff at Special Collections for their invaluable assistance.
Click on the year, and then select images or sounds.The sounds are little more rare. There is almost nothing from the 1970s.  Reel to Reel Tape was expensive, and the tape were reused. Plus students do not see the value of a saving recordings.
Many shows were simply erased to re-use the tape.And almost all shows went out live, and no recording was made, until it something special. WRSU in the 60s and the 70s was always short of money, and anything that could be re-used was. Fee Board was so much fun.
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