WRSU in the 1960s
Life was turbulent at Rutgers. Rutgers was call the ‘Berkley of the East’. Anti-war protests were common in the late 60s. And WRSU was in the middle of it all.Also late in the 60s, the staff decided to push forward and become a FM station. An extremely long process.Plus WRSU moved. Up the block to the brand new Rutgers Student Center. The staff needed to move the station. A whole lot of work to do over the summer. The Story goes that a good portion of the staff during that time failed out of Rutgers because of their dedication. Not the smartest thing to do, but the list is long of staff which thought WRSU was more important then school, and never did graduate.
  WRSU was on 680 Kilocycles.  FM was still a few years in the future.
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Here is a collection of pictures, mostly from the Scarlet Letter, the Targum, the black file cabinet in tech.
The Scarlet Letters were in the Rutgers University Special Collections in Alexander Library. I would like to thank the staff at Special Collections for their invalueable assistance.

Click on the year, and then select images or sounds.
The sounds are little more rare. There is almost nothing from the 1960s.  Reel to Reel Tapewas expensive, and the tape were reused.
Plus students do not see the value of a saving recordings. Many shows were simply erased to re-use the tape.
WRSU in the 60s and th 70s was always short of money, and anything that could be re-used was.
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