Legal IDs

You hear them all the time. 

What is a legal ID?

The FCC requires all Radio and Television Stations to identify themselves on the hour "at a natural program break". A legal ID is made up of the station call letters and location of license. 

In our case:

'WRSU-FM New Brunswick'

All the words that proceed or follow are not part of the legal ID. It has to been done the special "FCC Way", which is what make it a Legal ID.

Over the years we have had quite a collection. Some simple, some very creative. Even some professionally done. 

Here is a sampling of our many legal IDs. Some old and some new. If you have one which you want added, send it along. Your memory can be on the web for all.

Most of these were save accidentally. Some of these were taken from old carts 'lost in tech', or copied off some reel to reel tape. As you listen, some are not the best quality, but they are fun to hear again.


Legal ID - Female [168k]

Legal ID- Male - Dallas Herrold[89k]

Legal ID -1350 Watts [13 k .mp3]

Legal ID - Stereo 88.7...[132k]

Dr. Lawrence Legal ID [388k]

Dr. Bloustein Legal ID [212k]

Legal ID - Male - Ed Osbourne - Mid 70's[59k]

1959 Jingle ID - This is Radio Station...[669k]

1959 Jingle ID - This is your Favorite Radio Station... [113k]

1959 Jingle ID - WRSU New Brunswick New Jersey [234k]

WRSU AM Radio Sign On - Early 1970s - Dave Levine [318k .mp3]

Buzby Berkley Legal ID - Mid 1970's [684k]

Jingle Package from 1978's "30 Years On The Banks" [1.570 .mp3]

WRSU-FM Sung[267k]